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  • StudioRIP's feature list is unique on the RIP market. It includes built-in imposition, trapping, raster and contone proofing, ink duct control, high quality screening, remote operation, powerful preview etc.

  • StudioRIP's new SGSS screening offers corner-to-corner consistent rosettes, 4096 shades, smooth vignettes, pattern free tints, stable highlights and shadows, protected skin tones, customizable offset and flexo optimized hybrid screening, second order stochastic screening etc.

  • StudioRIP offers many workflow tasks (processing, trapping, imposition, proofing, ink duct control, imaging) integrated into one application and controlled from one interface – a comfort that cannot be matched by workflows that integrate several applications from various vendors.

  • It has well written, MMX-optimized algorithms for most of the time-consuming processes such as interpretation, screening, trapping, imposition or TIFF compression, offering a speed that is matched by very few rips on the market.

StudioRIP is the most competitively priced RIP and workflow on the market today, known for its outstanding screening quality , user friendly interface, high speed and a vast array of other features. Another key point is StudioRIP's flexibility: it can be configured around the customers' needs, with the optional inclusion of all available features. In addition, we also have continuous product development by our highly skilled team. We listen to our customers and respond quickly where there is a requirement for new features to be incorporated into our software.

About Us

Development of StudioRIP commenced in 2000 and has since gained steady interest. Then StudioRIP UK Ltd was bought in 2008 by the prepress industry stalwart Marlowe Digital, and the technical expertise was supplemented with marketing, support and sales expertise. StudioRIP is now a popular product, well recognised throughout the industry as a worthy player in the field of RIPs and workflows. Development continues, and sales continue to increase at a progressive rate. StudioRIP UK Ltd now supply StudioRIP through a network of worldwide dealers and are always looking for suitable dealers to add to this network.


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